About us

European Youth Parliament

EYP is an organisation that brings together thousands of young people from all across Europe. Our goal is the fostering of social awareness among youth, developing their knowledge and abilities as well as creating an environment for discussion and exchange of thought. Every year, more than 400 events are held, the participants of which learn how to present their opinions, envision solutions to complex issues, and forge bonds with their fellow young people from all over the continent. 

The Polish branch of the organisation is active since 2006. Everyone who has taken part in at least one EYP Poland event can become a member of our organisation. The proceedings of EYP Poland are overseen by the board and the audit committee, elected every year by our members. Additionally, we cooperate with various businesses and organisations – we welcome you to become one of our partners.

Our events

Regional Selection Conferences of EYP Poland are a perfect chance for anyone wishing to experience their first EYP event in a safe, welcoming environment. They’re also an excellent opportunity to try out a new role – a chair of a committee, media team member or organiser. The events last up to 4 days and take place across a weekend, which makes them accessible to anyone limited a school or work schedule. 

Each year of our work culminates in a National Selection Conference, usually held some time before the academic year starts for Polish students. Between a hundred and two hundred participants gather here to discuss the most interesting subjects concerning the European Union. The delegates at this session have the chance to be selected by the jury for an International Session – the most prestigious event offered by the EYP Network.

Every year, three National Committees within the EYP Network hold international sessions – the largest events offered by EYP. These events last for more than a week and are accompanied by a rich cultural programme. In the summer of 2020, EYP Poland is holding an International Session in Warsaw. The event will be the culmination of two years of hard work of the organising team, and is shaping up to be an unforgettable experience.