EYP means discussions on current topics, new friends from all over Europe and skills development! Find out that it is worth it!


How to join us?

It’s easy – take part in one of our events to be a member. Keep up to date with this site and our Facebook page – you will not miss information about applications for our sessions.

How much does it cost?

One-day events are usually free. In the case of larger events, participation is payable, but we provide accommodation, meals, participation in accompanying events and all materials.

Why one needs to participate in an EYP event?

We want our members to identify with our organisation and understand what it means in practice.

What are the things that I can do in EYP?

– discuss interesting topics, meet new people and polish your English as a delegate – session participant;

– play the role of a session journalist and work on the skills of writing, photography and filmmaking;

– lead a committee and form their leadership skills and responsibility for the team;

– manage your own project and organise an EYP session.

EYP gives you plenty of possibilities!

What is the expected level of English to participate?

You do not need to be perfectly trained! EYP is also here to allow you to learn. At the beginning, communication within the B1/B2 level is sufficient. After all, give yourself a chance – active practice is the best way to learn!

Who runs the organisation?

The organisation is run as part of volunteering by young people who once started by participating in one of the sessions. You can read more about us in the ‘About us’ and ‘Board and Audit Committee’ menu section.

I have already taken part in the EYP event, what now?

Download the membership declaration (Polish version only, can be filled in English)

Make sure you had a look at the Charter (Polish version only)

Fill out the declaration, write three motivation sentences and send in PDF format to info@eyppoland.com – you will receive a reply within two weeks!

As a member of EYP Poland, you will receive information about sessions in Poland and abroad as well as other interesting projects. In addition, you will have access to the email group and the members’ group on Facebook. You also have the right to vote in the elections to the Board and the Audit Committee as well as to organise your own events and projects.