It’s our pleasure to announce Regional Coordinators of EYP Poland for the 2016 mandate:

Aleksandra Daniluk – Białystok
Jakub Roślewski – Gdańsk
Aleksander Larski – Gliwice
Dominik Frej – Katowice
Zuzanna Kopczyńska – Kraków
Zuzanna Janiszewska – Lublin
Dominika Piosik – Poznań
Gabriela Motyka – Rzeszów
Kamil Bujel – Szczecin
Maria Tymańska – Tarnów
Zuzanna Nowak i Brian Comacho – Toruń
Sara Fukushima – Warszawa
Hugon Oziewicz – Wrocław

This year we received 19 applications from 14 cities.

While choosing coordinators for this mandate, the Selection Panel was focusing both on the meritoric value as well as the engagement of applicants in the work for their National Committee.

The Selection Panel chose 14 people from 13 cities due to the joint application of two people from one of the cities. In comparison to the previous year we’ll be present in cities that we have never been before like: Szczecin, Tarnów, Gdańsk or Katowice.

We would like the deeply thank all the appicants for their time and effort spent on applying. The choice was difficult and we do not conceal that it was long discussed. We do encourage people who were not selected to stay active in EYP Poland and do not hesitate to apply in future.

The report might be seen after entering this link (Polish version only).