This year elections for Members of the Board and Audit Committee won:

The Board:

Piotr Filip Cichocki – President of the Board
Andrzej Daniluk – Vice-President of the Board for Public Relations
Marta Katarzyna Sznajder – Vice-President of the Board for International Affairs
Aleksandra Sawa – Board Member for Finances and Fundraising
Alicja Turakiewicz – Board Member for Regional Development
Mateusz Zarzecki – Board Member for Human Resources and Administration

Audit Committee:

Maciej Kuczyński – Chair of the Audit Committee
Zuzanna Lewandowska – Audit Committee Member
Joanna Stachera – Audit Committee Member

Congratulations and good luck for the upcoming year!

The report z with voting results might be under this link (Polish version only).