Warsaw 2020

International Session in Warsaw

The 93rd International Session of the European Youth Parliament is a flagship project of the programme at the European level, organised jointly by EYP Poland, the EYP International Office and the Schwarzkopf Foundation. The event will gather in Warsaw from 31 July to 9 August 2020 over 300 participants aged 16-26 to discuss the political, social and cultural challenges facing Europe today. It will be one of the largest youth conferences in Europe this year.

About the event

Meetings of the European Youth Parliament are held in English, in a tried and tested format that has been used and developed for more than 30 years. At the beginning of each event, participants get to know each other and build international teams in the process of integration and communication games. Then, simulating the work of selected committees of the European Parliament, they discuss the problems posed to them and develop solutions in the form of resolutions imitating those of the European Parliament. During the last two days of the meeting, the General Assembly is held, following the example of the plenary session of the European Parliament, during which all participants discuss the results of the work of individual committees. 

The content of the event is supervised by an international team of experienced moderators. The conference also includes events involving participants in a lively and open cultural exchange.


With The future is Europe as our motto for the session, we want all of its participants to root themselves and think about what is to come, and how we can shape it. To think, what we can do now, leaving the past behind, and bearing in mind what is happening now. To think about our actions right here, right now, because they have impact on what we will see in the future. We happened to live in difficult times, driven by crises and uncertainty. It may seem like we are now busier than ever.

Moreover, we do not see the good side of Europe often enough, especially here in our motherland where European values, the idea of integration and working beyond partitions have been challenged by political environment. Also it all comes at a difficult time for the EU due to Brexit and due to divisions on future integration.

Promoting European values and the idea of global citizenship has always been one of the most important domains of EYP thus Warsaw 2020 will strive to take those steps to completely new level. The time is particular as well, with the new decade ahead of us, we shall take a little stop and give a thought to what’s really valid and important.

Maybe the future is not Europe in the way it is constructed today, but certainly we have to continue to work together.

All EYP Poland events are held under the honorary patronage of Professor Jerzy Buzek, and the honorary committee of the European Youth Parliament at the European level includes Thorbjørn Jagland, Jean-Claude Juncker and Federica Mogherini. Moreover, the honorary patronage over our project was taken by the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski and the Warsaw University of Technology.

The Schwarzkopf foundation is the umbrella organisation of EYP Poland.