It is our pleasure to introduce the new Board Member for Administration – Inez Brogowska and the new Project Manager of EYP Poland – Antek Tomkowiak. Inez and Antoni will join the rest of the Board for the second half of the 2018 term! We wish them the best of luck and we congratulate them further for being elected!

At the same time the current Board and EYP Poland would like to thank the leaving Board Members, Zuzanna Laudańska who has served our organisation for one and a half year now, previously as Board Member and this year as Vice-President, and Mikołaj Szpunar who has been the Project Manger of EYP Poland for this year’s Board. Their hard work has been extremely valuable for the functioning of our organisation and we are thankful for their precious time and effort that they dedicated to EYP Poland. Zuzanna and Mikołaj, we wish you best of luck and we hope to work with you in the future! Europejski Parlament Młodzieży EYP Poland